Saturday, October 13, 2012

The TRUTH about Make-up Artistry

Today I am going to write about my experience in my line of expertise...
Make-up Artistry really is an Artist at work who specialises in their field, plus a TRUE Artist has received their talent as a gift from God, which cannot be taught/learned. Anyone can go for classes which can help them with their make-up application, but it still doesn't make them a real artist.
Then there is another side to make-up artistry, which is the quality of products use to really get the best results. What you pay for is what you get!

I see people comparing apples with bananas and not apples with apples... which really upsets me, because they do not realise the truth.
They won't know unless they find out the truth by doing their research, with regards to the Artist's capability/talent and quality of products used.

Facts: Aestheticians/Beauty Therapists charges a lot less for make-up application than a Specialised Make-up Artist.
You will pay more for Premium products used.

Reasons: Beauticians does not specialise in make-up therefore they cannot produce the same quality and artistic work as a specialised Make-up Artist
Premium products are much more expensive than basic products.

In Theory with regards to studies in make-up: The difference between a Make-up Artist and Beautician is the same difference between a Orthodontist and a Dentist.

 The reason I know and can say this, is because I have studied Aesthetics in USA and then also studied Make-up Artistry.

Note for the future: if you get a quote that seems too high, rather discuss it with the person openly than just comparing it.
Don't just assume, find out the facts and reasons! ;-)

Yours in Make-up & Style!

Shani Wehl

Welcome to my Blog

Time fly by so quickly, therefore I do not always get time to share all my thoughts... with running a business and developing businesses and brands, really can take a lot of my time! plus exhaust me that I do not always feel like writing down everything. Actually it can be a good thing to make time to write it all down, but it comes with practice!

I am really forced to learn to be more practically organised, because as an artist your mind tends to neglect the practical side of organising but then at the same time you really need to be organised as it is important to you to function and be inspired!

With this blog I am only going to write my TRUTHFUL thoughts! It is very important to me to know the TRUTH about everything in life... sometimes we do not always know all the truth but if you seek the truth you shall find the truth, I believe!

I am hoping that you will enjoy my blog and find it educational as well as funny at times...

All the best and keep it real!

Yours Truly,

Shani Wehl